My work has been presented at:
  • Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP)
  • Asian Quantum Information Science Conference (AQIS)
  • IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)
  • Workshop on Beyond I.I.D. in Information Theory (BIID)
  • Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (TQC)
The Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP) is the most competitive
and important conference in quantum information science. AQIS and TQC are both international leading conferences in the field of quantum information, and ISIT is the main event in information theory (6 talks). A full list of my talks is included in my CV. In the above list, (*) indicates delivery by my co-author.
Selected Talks
  • Entanglement cost of quantum state preparation and channel simulation
    QIP 2019, JILA, University of Colorado, Jan 2019. [slides][video]
  • Quantum state redistribution with and without communication
    Rocky Mountain Summit on QI (Invited talk), JILA, University of Colorado, Jun 2018.
  • On converse bounds for classical communication over quantum channels
    QIP 2018, QuTech, Delft, Jan 2018. [slides]
    ISIT 2018, Vail, Jun 2018.
  • Efficiently computable upper bounds for quantum communication
    QIP 2018, QuTech, Delft, Jan 2018. [slides]
  • Semidefinite optimization for quantum information processing
    GAMP/QMATH Lecture (Invited talk), University of Copenhagen, Jan 2018.
  • Semidefinite programming strong converse bounds for quantum channel capacities
    QIP 2017, Microsoft Research, Seattle, Jan 2017.  [slides][video]
    ISIT 2017, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Jun 2017.
    BIID 5, NUS, Singapore, July 2017.
  • Asymptotic entanglement manipulation under PPT operations: new bounds and irreversibility
    QIP 2017, Microsoft Research, Seattle, Jan 2017.  [slides][video]
  • Evaluating communication capabilities of quantum channels
    QCQIP 2017 (Invited talk), AMSS, Beijing, Nov 2017.
  • Irreversibility of Asymptotic Entanglement Manipulation Under PPT-preserving Operations
    AQIS 2017 (Long talk), NUS, Singapore, Sep 2017.
  • Separation between quantum Lovász number and entanglement-assisted zero-error classical capacity
    AQIS 2016 Taipei, Sep 2016. [slides]
  • A semidefinite programming upper bound of quantum capacity
    ISIT 2016, Barcelona, July 2016.